How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing Error

Snapchat is a very fun way to exchange messages and videos? You can get creative with filters and send some very cool snaps to your friends and loved ones.

Moreover, it can be used to promote brands and businesses as well.

However, many users have been complaining of errors like “Snapchat has stopped working” and “Snapchat keeps crashing”.

Snapchat keeps crashing

We have also experienced these issues firsthand and if you like us, need a solution to end this error, then you are at the right place.

In this guide, we will be showing you different ways by which you can resolve the issues with the Snapchat application and enjoy using it again.

What are the reasons for the Snapchat crash errors?

Before we delve into the solutions, we need to find out why these errors occur in the first place.

It will help us in ascertaining the correct solution to the problem.

There are different common issues that cause this error.

  • Lack of internet connectivity-Sometimes the issue might not be with Snapchat but without internet. Snapchat does not work without an active internet connection and therefore you need to ensure that the internet is accessible for Snapchat to work properly.
  • Outdated Version-It has been documented that not updating Snapchat can lead to many errors. As a result, it is recommended to keep the app updated to the latest version.
  • Lack of Space-Always ensures that your Smartphone has enough space while installing the latest updates.
  • VPN-Using VPN while connecting to Snapchat is not a good idea and can lead to many issues and errors.
  • Using 3rd-party apps-If you have installed tweaks and plugins to enhance your Snapchat experience, then it is better to uninstall them. Worst case scenario, you might even get your account banned.

How To Solve the Snapchat Crashing Error

You can try these methods in order to fix the error.

1- Installing Snapchat Again from the App Store

This is one of the most obvious and the first fix we would recommend to anyone who comes across this problem.

While using the app, it is normal for bugs to occur as a result of the various processes taking place.

  • Select the Snapchat app from your device and tap on the x button to uninstall it.
  • Head to the Google Play Store and search for Snapchat and download it.
  • After the download is over, wait for the installation to complete, and then sign in using your credentials.

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In the case of an iOS device, the procedure is slightly different.

  • Long press the Snapchat Icon from the Home Window.
  • Click on the X button which will remove Snapchat from the device.
  • Now, head to the Apple Store and reinstall Snapchat.

This ought to solve many of the issues with Snapchat and if this doesn’t, then read on below.

2- Clearing the Snapchat Cache

If a lot of data is stored in the Snapchat cache, then it could be a source of the problem.

Cache normally helps in the quick loading of applications but too much cache data has been known to cause issues in the working of an app.

Clearing the Cache is quite easy and you just need to follow the steps below to do so.

  • Launch Snapchat and tap on the profile icon from the top left.
  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Head down and choose the clear cache option.
  • Here you can find different categories of cache, either clear them all or clear them individually.

3- Ensure Snapchat is updated to the latest version

Be it iOS or Android, you need to ensure that Snapchat is updated to the latest version.

Snapchat is an application that gets updated regularly as the developers are constantly working to solve various bugs.

  • Open the Google Play Store and tap on the three horizontally placed lines.
  • Now, head to the My Apps and Games section.
  • Locate the Snapchat App and see if any update is available.
  • If yes, update the app to the latest version.

Apple Users ought to do the same but from the iOS Store.

4- Uninstalling 3rd-Party Applications

If you notice that Snapchat is crashing after recently having installed a new application, then the best bet would be to remove that particular application.

Perhaps, a particular code in the application might be in conflict with Snapchat and thereby causing it to crash.

  • Head to the settings option and choose Apps.
  • Ensure that all the apps have been chosen or else go to Menu and tap on the Show System Apps option.
  • Locate the recently installed application and select Uninstall option.
  • Finally, tap on OK to confirm your choice.

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5- Resetting Network Settings

By resetting the network settings, you can resolve any issues in the network configuration that might be affecting Snapchat.

  • Head to the Settings section and click on Apps.
  • Then tap on the General Option and Click Reset.
  • In the menu that opens up, click on Reset Network Settings.
  • Select the Reset Settings option.
  • Type in your pin.
  • Finally, click on the Reset Settings button and wait for the process to complete.

6- Check whether Snapchat Server is Available

If the above solutions are not working, then it would be worthwhile to check the Snapchat Server and ensure that it not facing any issues or outages.

You can do this easily by heading over to the website

In the search bar, just type in Snapchat and soon you will get all the necessary information.

If the server is indeed down, then wait until the issue is resolved.

7- Force Close the Application

This is a very easy solution and one of the first things you should try if Snapchat is crashing.

  • Head to the Apps section on your Device and choose Snapchat.
  • After choosing Snapchat, click on the Force Close option.
  • Now, open the app again and see if the error has gone.

8- Perform a Factory Reset

We recommend using this method only as a last resort. If none of the other methods worked, then this is a very good bet.

First of all, you need to back up all your data.

  • Head to the settings section and tap on the General option.
  • Tap on Reset and choose the Factory Data Reset option.
  • Now, click on the Reset option, and lastly, click the Delete All button.

9- Restarting your Phone

If your phone has not been restarted in the last few days, then we would recommend restarting your phone first.

This has been known to fix many issues, particularly those concerning applications.

Regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS device, the process is quite similar.

Hold down the power button long enough and click the Restart option on an Android Device while swiping the slider in the case of an iOS Device.

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10- Install the latest Android or iOS update

Sometimes users have complained of Snapchat crashing after upgrading their phones.

In these cases, it is likely that they have an older version of the System software installed. Updating is quite easy.

In the case of Android.

  • Go to the settings option and select System and then system updates.

For Apple Devices.

  • Click on the General tab in the Settings option and select System Update.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this piece on the different issues which cause Snapchat to stop working.

We recommend trying out the easier solutions first before opting for stuff like Factory Reset.

For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.