How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Paring a wireless keyboard with your Windows PC, Macbook, Chromebook, or Mobile devices is an easy-peasy task and the way I have explained how to pair a Logitech keyboard with any of these devices will make it even simpler.

No matter if you are a technically sound person or a layman, this guide will train you to put the Logitech wireless keyboard to work in a few minutes provided there is no hardware problem with your PC or the keyboard.

Logitech is one of my favorite brands when it comes to a wireless keyboard. They have a wide range of keyboard variants to fulfill the requirements of different customers.

How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Keyboard

While some people like a compact, tiny keyboard such as Logitech K850, or MX KEYS MINI to fit in their place, others like a little bigger one like K270 as they have plenty of space on the table.

This tutorial is applicable to most of the Logitech wireless keyboard models. To name a few:

  • Logitech k470
  • Logitech K400
  • Logitech MX KEYS MINI
  • Logitech k850
  • Logitech K855
  • Logitech POP Keys (For emoji lovers)
  • Logitech k345
  • Logitech K780 Multi-device
  • Logitech k360
  • Logitech k370
  • Logitech k710
  • Logitech k540
  • Logitech k295
  • Logitech K580 Slim Multi-device
  • Logitech k545
  • Logitech k270
  • Logitech k230
  • Logitech k375
  • Logitech k220
  • Logitech k240
  • Logitech k800
  • Logitech ERGO K860
  • Logitech k235
  • Logitech k700
  • Logitech k520
  • Logitech Signature K650
  • Logitech k380
  • Logitech k260
  • Logitech k825

Two Ways to Pair a Logitech Wireless Keyboard

I like the way Logitech uses technology to make its product more user-friendly and easy to use.

The same Logitech wireless keyboard can be used for phones, tablets, and PCs, giving you flexibility.

In fact, most wireless keyboards can be connected to more than six devices depending upon which Logitech wireless keyboard you own.

Their product design coupled with the latest technology is what makes Logitech one of the leading computer peripheral brands in the world.

Talking about wireless keyboards particularly, we can find a lot of innovation in keyboard designs to cater to the needs of the customers.

Pair Logitech Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech wireless keyboards are one of my favorites and if you have got one too and wondering how to pair it with your PC, it can be done using Bluetooth or a through Dongle.

The battery is very important for wireless keyboards because if the battery is dead, you won’t be able to connect the keyboard.

And, if somehow the keyboard gets connected because the batteries have some power left, it will not work properly after connecting.

So, I’d advise getting new batteries.

Here is how to pair the Logitech wireless keyboard.

Pair the Keyboard Using Bluetooth

Step 1- If you are pairing the keyboard for the first time, remove the spacer that the new keyboard has. If it is an old keyboard insert new batteries.

Step 2- Turn the keyboard on by sliding the little slider button. You will notice a tiny glowing light adjacent to the button.

We are using K480 for the sake of this article, the placement of buttons and lights could differ for other models.

Step 3- K480 has a dialer to select the connections. We can select 1,2 or 3 connections. Select any one option.


Step 4- Since it is a multi-device wireless keyboard, you need to choose whether you are going to use the keyboard for Windows PC, Chromebook, Android, or Macbook from the two available buttons on the upper right side of the keyboard. If you want to pair it with Windows PC choose “PC” or if you want to use it for Macbook, choose “i”


Step 5- Press and hold the button for a few seconds until the corresponding LED light turns blue. It tells the keyboard which devices are going to be paired.

Step 6- Turn on Bluetooth on your PC, or Macbook. For Windows, Go to Settings > Bluetooth and other devices > Choose the “Bluetooth or other device” option and a new option window will open.

Step 7- Select “Bluetooth” and it will search for Bluetooth devices available for pairing. This process may take a few minutes before it finds a Wireless keyboard in the list.

Step 8- Select the keyboard from available devices and it will display a 6-digit unique code that you have to enter using the Wireless keyboard.

Step 9- Type the 6-digit code correctly using the Logitech wireless keyboard and the pairing will be done.

Now you can use a Logitech wireless keyboard to type something in a Word document to check everything is going well.

Pair the Keyboard using the Unifying Receiver

If you are somehow not able to use the Bluetooth pairing method and looking for an alternative, Logitech wireless keyboard provides another method to couple the keyboard with your PC.

It can be done using the unifying receiver. This tiny device also known as a dongle helps you pair your Logitech wireless keyboard with your PC in seconds.

The unifying dongle helps you connect various devices without having the need to connect many dongles.

However, it may require an additional step to download Logitech Unifying software which is available for free on their website.

Step 1- Insert the batteries in the keyboard.

Step 2- Insert the Unifying receiver into the USB port of your computer. This device is similar to Pen Drive and could be plugged in a similar way.

Step 3- Go to their website, select the OS system and version you are downloading for, and download the software.

Step 4- Launch the software installation by clicking the downloaded file. It will start the installation process. Click “Next”

Step 5- Turn on your wireless keyboard with the button.

Step 6- Allow it for some time before the keyboard gets connected. Click “Next”

Step 7- Type random text to test the keyboard. If you are able to see the text in the textbox and it’s the same as you typed, select the “Please confirm whether you can see the text you just typed” radio button and hit “Next”.

Step 8- Click “Finish” to complete the pairing process.

Now you have successfully paired the Logitech wireless keyboard.

Why is My Logitech Keyboard Not Connecting?

There could be many reasons why your Logitech keyboard not connecting. It can be a battery problem, or if the unifying software wasn’t properly configured if you are using the dongle to connect a keyboard.

The other possible reason can be a faulty USB port on your PC or a problem with the Logitech keyboard driver.

Diagnose the problem and fix it. I’ve shared a complete guide to fix the Logitech Wireless keyboard not working problem and how it could be fixed.

Go one step ahead and Install Logi Options+

If you have to do more with your Logitech keyboard than just using it to type text, install Logi Options+.

This exclusive App allows you to add flexibility to your Logitech mouse and keyboard to make them work as you want.

You can configure different keys of your choice to perform different tasks with just a press of a button. Download the app for Windows or IOS devices and have fun.