What is ChatGPT, How to Use it, Fix ChatGPT Errors

If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT, you probably missing something very important. OpenAI announced ChatGPT in the month of November and within five days, the ChatGPT reached the 1 million user mark.

It is a record in itself that any service/tool has reached this milestone so quickly.

Even Facebook reached the 1 million users milestone after several months of its launch.

ChatGPT has beaten all the records in terms of attracting users to the platform.

While most people are liking it for its amazing technology, some others are mocking it.

Overall a majority of people find it interesting and play with it to perform/test different tasks.

What is ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT?

Have you ever tried any AI tool to perform tasks online?

ChatGPT is launched now, but there were plenty of AI tools available on the internet way before.

Such as AI-based article writers, video creators, text-to-speech converters, etc.

If you have you probably be knowing how AI is taking things forward and I am sure, the future is bright.

ChatGPT is created by OpenAI, the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence companies in the world.

It is a transformer-based natural language processing web-based application that answers all the queries you ask.

It does not just answer questions, it learns as you type queries and respond with more refined exclusive responses.

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This AI Chatbot is Free to use and perform literally any task that can be delivered in text format.

But they have paid plan as well which comes with benefits. I”ll talk about them in this post in another section.

For example, if you are performing tasks that have to do with images, there is another tool created by OpenAI called DALL·E 2.

This tool creates art and beautiful images with inputs in natural language.

ChatGPT can help you structure outlines for your E-book, find the best places for summer vacations, find steps to create a gmail.com account, create a beautiful resume, and anything else that can be done in text format.

When did ChatGPT Release?

ChatGPT is wasn’t exist until the fall of 2022. Nobody actively talking about it till then.

Then in November, OpenAI decided to launch it. The ChatGPT relase date is November 30, 2022.

Just after its launch, the whole world started to talk about this powerful AI chatbot.

According to some of the tech blogs, ChatGPT is a big threat to Google.

The popularity of ChatGPT has grown so much that it forced Google to work on its Chatbot. Google’s Chatbot Bard launched but it is not as popular as ChatGPT.

OpenAI keeps on updating the tool with new releases. Since the very first version, the company has updated the tool several times. Keep yourself updated with the latest versions.

What does GPT stand for in ChatGPT?

If you are wondering what GPT stands for in ChatGPT, don’t worry I’ll answer it.

GTP Stands for Generative, Pre-trained Transformer

It is a pre-trained transformer that generates responses to your queries.

It has the capability to follow up on responses.

It learns and trains itself to give an as accurate answer as it can.

How to use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is very easy to use.

You can follow simple steps and start using it in seconds.

It’s a cup of tea.

Pre-requisite of using ChatGPT

If you want to use ChatGPT, make sure you are equipped with these items.

  • Laptop/Desktop or Mac with a browser, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other.
  • Reliable & Fast Internet connection- MOST IMPORTANT
  • E-mail account.
  • Mobile number to receive OTP.

Once you have this stuff ready, go ahead to use ChatGPT.

Here are the steps to use ChatGPT:

1- Open your favorite browser on your PC/Laptop or Mac.

2- Type ‘https://chat.openai.com/chat’ or if you don’t want to type, simply click here. It will take you to the login screen.

3- You need to sign up for an account on ChatGPT before using it.

There are three options:

  • Sign up using an e-mail.
  • Continue with your Gmail Account.
  • Continue with Microsoft Account.

If you want to create an account with e-mail, enter it and hit “Continue”

4- On the next page, choose the password and hit “Continue” again.

5- It will ask you to enter the phone number where you’ll receive OTP. The phone number is mandatory to use ChatGPT.

If you don’t want to use e-mail, you can use your Gmail/Microsoft account to log in to ChatGPT and then verify your phone number.

Without a phone number, it is impossible to use ChatGPT!

6- Once you are logged in to ChatGPT, you will see a chat box where you need to type the question you want to ask and hit enter.

ChatGPT will understand the question and come up with its best answer.

It may take some time for the response to get completed.

Try your hand-on ChatGPT and every time you create a new chat, the conversation will be saved automatically.

You can see the chat conversations on the left-hand side.

If you want to log out, you can do that too with the “Log out” option at the bottom left corner.

Why Am not able to use ChatGPT and getting errors?

ChatGPT is being used worldwide by lots of users.

It might happen that thousands of users are using the tool at the same time is quite common.

There could be instances when you are not able to use ChatGPT.

Maybe it is showing a network error, internal server error, body stream error, or any other error.

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If you see any of these errors or differences, you will not be able to use ChatGPT.

There are workarounds to fix these ChatGPT errors that I have discussed in this article.

The cause of these errors could be many but in most cases, ChatGPT errors occur due to bad network connection, problems with the browser, overutilization of resources, excessive server load, or if you are typing complex queries.

Below, I have talked about various ChatGPT errors and given solutions to fix them.

Check if ChatGPT is down before moving on to fix ChatGPT errors

Whenever ChatGPT shows any error, the very first thing is to check if the ChatGPT server is down.

After making sure that there is no backend problem from the ChatGPT side, you can go ahead and try to fix the error.

It is very important to check ChatGPT status because if the problem exists from the backend itself, no point in trying any solution.

You can monitor the status with the help you the down detector tool. Click here to Check the current status.

Alternatively, opt for ChatGPT updates and get everything right in your inbox.

Go to the status page of ChatGPT >Subscribe for Updates > Enter Email.

ChatGPT status

You will receive an email if there is any downtime.

List of Common ChatGPT Errors

  • ChatGPT Internal Server error.
  • ChatGPT network error on Long responses
  • “error in body stream” in ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT login not working

How to fix ChatGPT internal server error

ChatGPT internal server error is mainly caused due to faulty network connection or if there is a problem with ChatGPT from the backend.

If the problem is from the backend, there is nothing much you can do, except wait.

If it is caused due to faulty internet, you can fix it by trying these workarounds.

Restart Router –

ChatGPT needs a good internet connection and it’s of utmost importance.

Restart the router by removing the power adopter from the main switch, wait for five seconds, and plug in again. Wait for the router’s led lights to become stable.

Try an internet connection by opening random websites, ex, amazon or Google. If they open well, try ChatGPT if the problem is resolved.

Flush Cache –

ChatGPT internal server error can be fixed by flushing DNS as well.

Here is how to flush DNS.

1- Go to Windows Search, type “cmd”

2- Right-click the app, and run it as an administrator.

cmd command

3- Type ‘ipconfig/ flushdns’ and hit Enter

4- Close the command prompt and try to access ChatGPT. Hope you are able to fix ChatGPT’s internal server error.

Remove Browser Data (Cookies and Cache)

ChatGPT can return network errors due to problems at the browser’s end and it can be fixed by clearing Chrome data, mainly Cookies, and Cache.

Follow these steps to clear the browser’s data.

1- Go to Setting by clicking three dots at the right top corner.

2- Click “Privacy and security” from the left side menu.

3- Go to “clear browsing data”

4- Select “All time” from the time range.

If you want to bypass all these steps, simply type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the address bar of Google Chrome and hit enter.

5- Choose the Cookies & Cache checkbox and hit the “Clear data” button.

delete cookies

It will clear cookies and cache data.

Restart Google Chrome and check if the error persists.

How to Fix ChatGPT network error on long responses

ChatGPT network error on long responses is caused mainly due to complex queries or overutilization of resources at the backend.

So to fix this problem here is what you can do.

Check Your Internet Connection

ChatGPT totally depends on the internet connection, so most of the errors can be resolved by fixing the internet connection.

If you are getting ChatGPT network errors on long responses and connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, there are chances your internet connection goes on/off which disturbs the communication between ChatGPT and your computer.

Try to connect the computer through a LAN wire and check if the problem persists.

Also, restart the router to give your internet a fresh start.

Try Shorter Prompts

ChatGPT becomes puzzled by long responses, hence it’s recommended to use shorter prompts.

You can split your queries into parts and get the responses.

According to the sources, ChatGPT can accommodate 1500 characters combined including the query and the response.

So if it goes beyond 1500 characters, ChatGPT might get slow and eventually may give you an error.

Turn off VPN

VPN or virtual private network has become very common these days and people love to use them for different purposes.

While some people use VPNs to access websites & apps which are not available in their country, others use VPNs to hide their IP addresses for safety purposes.

The VPN market is growing and there are chances you are using it as well.

If your VPN is not good, it will cause various problems and this error with ChatGPT is one of them.

So, If you are using VPN, disable it, close the browser, and start again. Now try ChatGPT and see if the error is fixed.

How to fix “error in body stream” in ChatGPT

This is yet another common error in ChatGPT.

Here are the fixes

Reload ChatGPT webpage

“Error in body stream” in ChatGPT can be fixed by reloading the ChatGPT webpage.

When you refresh the page, it will restart the processes in the backend and help you fix the problem.

Avoid overuse of Resources

This is applicable at the ChatGPT end as well as your end.

If you have a lot of applications opened on your PC or if you have many tabs/windows opened in the browser, it will cause overutilization of resources on your pc (or ChatGPT end) such as memory, and process and ultimately delay ChatGPT’s response.

Continue to do so will result in “ChatGPT network error on long responses”

So, it is good to make sure your PC works well and also avoid asking ChatGPT too many questions continuously. Give it some rest.

Log out from ChatGPT & log in again

Sometimes logging out of ChatGPT and login back in fixes various errors. You can give it a try to fix this problem as well.

On the left bottom, you’ll find the “Log out” button.

Click Log out, it will through you out of the ChatGPT user panel.

Enter your credentials again and log in.

Now use ChatGPT and see if it works.

How to Fix the ChatGPT login not working?

If you are not able to log in to ChatGPT, make sure you are entering the correct credentials.

Check if you are correcting filling in the right e-mail address and password. If they don’t match, you will not be able to log in to ChatGPT.

If both are correct and you still are not able to log in, enable cookies and try again.

Here is how to go about it.

1- Go to “Settings” from the top right corner’s three dots.

2- Then to “Privacy and security”

3- Then to “cookies and other site data”

4- Select “Allow all cookies”

allow cookies

Restart the browser and check if you are able to log in to ChatGPT.

Can ChatGPT write Eassy. Is it that efficient?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-based chatbot that understands machine language and returns human-understandable responses.

It learns as well as you continue asking questions.

It has the ability to answer follow-up questions, accept mistakes, and deny the wrong facts.

I have tried to write an essay of about 800 words. Here is what I observed.

ChatGPT is able to write not just essays, it can write Resumes, Recipes, Notes, and e-books in a proper format.

It includes headlines and sub-headlines that make the write-up neat and easy to read/understand.

You need to give proper instructions to ChatGPT if you want a good essay.

For example, if you ask “Write an Essay about Covid-19”, it can write a few paragraphs of 200-300 words.

If you want a long write-up, you’ll have to include words like “800 words Essay”.

So instead if you ask ChatGPT to “Write 800+ word Essay on Covid-19”, you’ll have a better write-up.

Here is what I got when I asked ChatGPT this question.

What is ChatGPT Character limit?

ChatGPT is created by OpenAI and they have nowhere mentioned the character limits of ChatGPT.

However, it is heard that ChatGPT has a limit of 1500 characters including both the query and response.

But that is contradicting our experiment where I had asked ChatGPT to write an 800+ words essay on Covid-19.

The above essay is about 3990+ characters as per the word counter.

I also asked ChatGPT about its character limits and here is what I got

ChatGPT character limit

So what I understand is, ChatGPT can generate lengthy responses as well.

Can we use ChatGPT without a phone number?

No, you are not allowed to use ChatGPT without a Phone number.

In fact, if you don’t input your phone number, you will not be able to receive the OTP that you need to enter to complete the signup process.

Two things are very important to complete Sign up & Use ChatGPT.

  • E-mail Address.
  • Phone Number.

So if you want to use ChatGPT, make sure you have a phone number & email ready to receive OTP.

How to save ChatGPT Conversation?

You do not need to save ChatGPT conversation manually, it is automatically saved in your user panel on the left-hand side. Whatever you have asked ChatGPT can be accessed from the left side chat history.

However, you have the option to delete the saved conversation and start a new chat.

chatgpt conversation


Is ChatGPT Free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free for normal use. If you want better services, you can opt for a $20/month plan.

Can we use ChatGPT without a Phone Number?

No, You can not use ChatGPT without a Phone number.

How do I Check if ChatGPT is Down?

You can try any down detector website. Example downdetector.com. Just enter OpenAI and hit enter. It will show if ChatGPT is down.

Can ChatGPT generate images?

No, ChatGPT generates responses in text format. You can ask it to write essays, short writeups, and find nice places to travel to but you can not generate images with ChatGPT.

Are there ChatGPT Apps available?

No, there is no ChatGPT app available for Android or iOS, or any other platform. It is a web-based tool.


ChatGPT is a revolution in the AI Chatbot world. It understands your questions and responds in a human-understandable write-up.

This chatbot is created by OpenAI which is one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence companies.

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OpenAI has another image AI bot that generates art and images with your “text” inputs.

In due course of the use of ChatGPT, you may encounter various errors like network errors, server errors, and overutilization of resources and they can be fixed by fixing the network, clearing browsers data, reloading the ChatGPT webpage, logging out, logging in, etc.